Dynamons World


A fun Pokémon clone




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Dynamons World is a game based on the adventures of Pokémon where you capture different Dynamons creatures living in the game's world. Choose your character and train all sorts of creatures to make them as powerful as can be.

In this game you start out your adventure by choosing a Dynamon. Choose between water, fire, or plant and start your adventure through different cities. In Dynamons World, you'll move from square to square so that despite not being able to move around a map as usual, you can find all sorts of essential elements like healthcare facilities to help your Dynamons heal.

Along the way, you'll find wild creatures to capture and add to your collection. Train them and use their best attacks to takes more life from rival Dynamons. Travel through this fantasy world discovering the most mysterious corners in a game that's as addictive as it is fun.
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